I don’t mean stretching to meet a deadline or to fit a bit more into the day or stretching to understand what an earth is going on with . . .

I mean bringing the focus to our bodies and listening to what our bodies needs are, because all we have to navigate through this world and our building sites is this body, and if we stretch then we can start to understand a little about what need to bring to the world.

It is in our bodies where our emotions sit. It is in my body where i have that shame the shame sits of being 42 and not earning as much money as I expected i would by earning by now.

It is my where I have the disappointment of not getting that job. It is in my where I get to work and i am working with a fantastic team it is my that experiencing that joy. And when i stretch i recognise where that emotion sits in my body and the if i need to I need to I can realise that.

Are you machine?

No, you are a sentient, beautiful, messed up, strong, weak, mash up of a person.

Stop and stretch.

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