Emotions/feelings are irrational right? They cause chaos. Emotions are unruly, we can’t trust them, and bringing them into the rational workspace is weak and no work will get done.



As opposed to rational logical decisions – decisions that are well thought out, calm and considered and not clouded by unruly emotions. 

A good, reliable decision is one where emotions and feelings are put aside so we can focus on what really matters – scientific, provable, dependable logic. 

I call BS. I call fear and a lack of ability to fully integrate our true reality – if we put aside our feelings we put aside a part of ourselves. 

As professor of philosophy Robert Solomon reports in True to Our Feelings:

“people with severe emotional deficits (because of stroke, tumor, or other lesions) suffer enormously from not being able to make rational decisions, despite the fact that their other ‘cognitive’ faculties (in other words, what is usually called ‘intelligence’) seem to be functioning fine. They can calculate consequences and compare options but because they do not really care about either consequences or options they have no basis for making a decision”.

What if emotions are just meaningful judgements?

Enabling us to assign value to a decision. The decision needs to matter to us, we need to care about the outcome to be able to make a decision. In this way it is a fallacy that is possible to make a decision without emotions and feelings. Without a part of us which says I care more about this or that.

“The rational centre of the mind can generate a series of alternatives and arguments, but decisions require an additional faculty. The mind needs to evaluate the emotional weight of each option and choose by way of feeling”

– Fred Koffman, Founder and Chairman Conscious Business Centre International.

The capitalist culture values what is seen as emotional control. This is shown in the whole idea of the stiff upper lip – this was originally required of men who were at war who were being trained to kill.

On a building sites there is space for emotions in our decision making, we are building buildings, we are not being trained to commit traumatic acts.

Source: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-rationality-of-emotions/