Workshops & Facilitation

I lead workshops around the UK, creating spaces for folks to explore 100 ways and more to transform building site culture.

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“The workshop was unlike any other, it shed light on aspects of the building trade that isn’t spoken about at all but Em managed to get a whole room of tradespeople speaking openly about those issues, amazing!”

– Brad Allsop, carpenter and workshop participant.


“Its about time the subjects of racism, patriarchy and white supremacy on building sites are discussed and confronted and Em does this in a way which is extremely mindful and effective. She created a safe space where we were all brought closer as a group through confronting these issues in both physical and mental exercises. In this way all learning styles were catered to and the energy in the room was kept alive. Discussing topics such as Peggy Mcintosh’s Knapsack of White Privilege and sharing feelings in the workplace especially stuck in my mind and are topics I regularly think of and discuss now”.

– Jue Sota, plasterer and workshop participant.


“Em’s workshop enabled us to discuss some topics that feel crucially important to the development of a healthy construction industry at this time. She encouraged a comfortable environment for our group to take a deeper look into our thoughts around how we experience work on the building site. We were able to openly discuss and share these with some real insights into our understanding and relationship with the industry. It was incredibly inspiring to look at how we can challenge accepted ways of thinking and adapt for the benefit of everyone. I love Em’s very inclusive and sensitive approach to this complex subject. She has a passion and a vision which I think is very much needed and welcome”.

– Mil, carpenter and workshop participant