Silence is violence.

We cannot turn away.

We will not turn away.

Systemic and individual racism has been claiming Black lives for centuries.


The UK is not innocent. I am not innocent.

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti racist”. – Angela Davis.

As a white person I am complicit in white supremacy and must do the consistent and committed work of unlearning my racist thoughts and actions and I must speak out against racism every time it happens.

I want to acknowledge here that it is not easy to stand up and speak out. It is uncomfortable and, for many of us white people, we haven’t had much practice and we hold fear of getting it wrong, of being laughed at, at bringing down the mood.

But remember – our discomfort at being a beginner is not as important as human lives.

We must make the connection between the racist joke that goes unchallenged and the death and brutality against black people that has existed for centuries.